The fat lady runsHi. I’m a middle-aged fat lady with Type II Diabetes.

They say it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

Well I’ve decided:

It’s not over til the fat lady runs

It’s my goal to run a half marathon in 2018. There’s a lot that has to change before that can be achieved. I’m very overweight and extremely unfit. But I’ve put together a plan and it’s not over until this fat lady runs.

I plan to run the half marathon for charity and I’ll let you know more details once that is firmed up.

Are you mad?


I’ve done diet and exercise plans before and they’ve worked … for about 6 months. Then I fall off the wagon. And, of course, I end up unhealthier than I was before I started.

It’s because the goal isn’t big enough. It’s just about me feeling better about myself. I need a bigger goal, and I need bigger consequences if I fail.

So my big goal is to raise £500 for charity. If I fail, I’ll be letting other people down as well as myself.

And I’m making it public because it will help keep me motivated. I really don’t want to fail in front of the whole world.

Starting on the right foot

I used to run 3 miles a day, every day. That was about 30 years ago. I’m not going to make excuses for why I stopped.

But I do know that an overweight, middle-aged woman should not just put on some trainers and start running. I’ve planned a fitness regime with the help of some really good advice HERE and I will be working with the team at my local GP practice.

I’m also working on an improved diet because I have to get my weight down as well as get fit. I’m not going for the latest fad, I’m just going to eat better – more fruit and veg, fewer bad carbohydrates, and plenty of water.

And, it’s not over until this fat lady runs that half marathon.

(hopefully by then I will be so enchanted with the new lifestyle that I won’t fall back into bad habits)