Richard Branson and me (or time is everything)

Taking time to assess the real situationThere are a lot of things which make our lives different from one another, but there’s one thing that is common to all of us – we have the same amount of time every day. Whether or not you like Richard Branson, you have to admit that he’s had a measure of success in what he’s chosen to do with his life. How has he done this? By making the best of his 24 hours each day.

I’ve been reflecting on making the best use of my own time. It all began with my growing frustration over my journey to work. The office is 8 miles from home, which doesn’t sound too bad. But when you have to travel across Birmingham at rush hour, it is very time consuming and stressful. It has been known to take me more than two hours. One minor incident on the M6 and the whole city grinds to a halt. So I’ve been experimenting with routes and start times. After a couple of weeks of testing I’ve found that, by shifting my work day by one-and-a-half hours, I can save 45 minutes a day on my commute.

Time for change

This is fantastic. Not only am I saving myself nearly 4 hours a week, but I also have time in the mornings to achieve things before I go out. I arrive at work calmer and with the sense of satisfaction that I have already achieved things before I sit down at my desk.

So, what am I doing with all this extra time? Well, I’m doing a few different things. I’m taking my time over breakfast instead of eating in the car. That means I’m getting a more nutritious start to the day. I’ve also moved my walking to the morning instead of lunchtime. This gets me feeling bright and alert for the rest of the day. And for some reason it seems easier than dragging myself away from my desk at lunch time.

I’m definitely being more productive, both at home and at work.

To use a very tired cliche, it’s a win-win situation.



celebrationsI’ve been asked by a few people why I haven’t written for a while. There are all sorts of reasons but one of them has been indulging in celebrations for hubby’s 60th birthday.

We had a great time, thanks to my sister-in-law and her husband, and my Mum and Dad. I confess I indulged in a slice of birthday and a glass of prosecco. But I did resist pizza and opted for a salad when we went out for a meal.

celebration cakeWhile the holiday cottage was fabulous, the weather was atrocious so my exercise consisted mostly of exploring the biomes at the Eden Project. It doesn’t sound like much, but climbing to the top of the Tropical biome in the humid heat felt like a workout.

The storm which kept me inside while we were away, also but an obstacle in my way when we got back. I resumed my walk in the park and came across this fallen tree brought down by storm Doris.

Fallen treeBut I have another cause for celebrations. Despite not eating as well as I would have liked, being unwell and not keeping up with my exercise plan. I’ve still lost another 1kg in weight.

Now all I have to do is get over this horrendous cold…

I may be wrong, but I don’t think there’s a problem with a few indulgences to celebrate special occasions. As long as that doesn’t start a downward slide. I still haven’t had any real chocolate since the New Year, as I know that I have problems regulating my intake of the stuff. I’m not going to let sugar defeat me when there’s so much at stake.

Tell me what you think

Now, if you’ve read this far, please could you answer a question for me. I’ve signed up for a 1 mile race in September. Should I get sponsorship for this? Or should I just wait for the Birmingham Half Marathon next year? Do tell me what you think.