The Fat Lady is Starting Again

Starting Again

Talking about the work of INF – the reason the fat lady is planning to do the Birmingham Half

It’s been a tough week. I haven’t felt at all well and both my diet and my exercise have gone completely to pot. This wasn’t helped by a pizza party on Friday to celebrate my eldest son’s 26th birthday. Really good pizza, followed by cake. This is the point at which I would normally give up on a health and fitness regime. But I’m not doing that this time. Instead, I’m starting again.

Starting Again

The first thing I did, once I’d got over the worst of feeling unwell, was to go for a walk. Never mind achieving my walking goal for the week. I just needed to get out in the fresh air and do something. Starting again can mean something very simple. But it is so important to do something.

Then I got an email about a new race in Birmingham so, I thought, what better than to sign up for the Mile which will be taking place in September. The setting is beautiful and I’ve walked in the park where it’s taking place many times. It’s something to look forward too. It’s a relatively short term goal and gives me an additional motivation for starting again. Plus they give out medals to those who run – even the Mile!

So, today I added a couple of one minute jogs to my evening walk. It’s a lot easier to do that kind of thing in the dark! It felt really good to push myself just that little bit more even though some onlookers might not have described it as jogging.

I feel invigorated and excited about starting again. I’m going to achieve my goal of running that half marathon in Birmingham in October 2018, and raising money to help Nepali people through the work of the International Nepal Fellowship.


Ups and downs for the fat lady

Watch the birdie - ups and downs

One of the ups was passing this little birdie twice on my weekday walks

The past week has been one of ups and downs.


I’ve been really pleased with the increases I’ve been able to make in my exercise plan. After only five weeks, I am two weeks ahead of where I expected to be. This weekend was another two mile walk which took me 40 minutes. And I was amazed at how much easier it was than last weekend. I’ve been able to up my walking at lunch times to 30 minutes. Those walks in themselves are ups and downs with some quite arduous slopes. But they are becoming easier.


The most significant down was my weight. 1kg in two weeks and bang on target. Nurse Shirley was very encouraging about that. She offered to take a picture of me standing on the scales but I declined. Maybe next time.


I was quite disappointed with my blood sugar results. My HbA1c¬†was higher than Shirley was happy with so I have to take another tablet. That is disheartening but I’m pretty sure it was related to how badly I was eating in the run-up to Christmas. Hopefully it will be much better when the test is re-done in a couple of months. The other thing which was higher than it should have been was my blood pressure. Again, a little depressing. But I am doing all the right things to bring it down, so I’m just going to keep on with the exercise and believe it will improve.

Ups and downs? Onwards and upwards

Overall, I’m encouraged by my progress and I know that, if I keep doing what I am doing, things can only get better. I’m getting fitter and healthier by the day and I have massive support from loads of people, so why wouldn’t I succeed?

But this is my main motivation – I want to help beautiful Nepali people like those in the video below: